Dr. Hiller Spires

Teacher Leadership in Action: Visual Explorer Exercise

What will you contribute as a new literacies teacher leader?

1. Take a gallery walk and select two images that appeal to you. One image should reflect a leadership quality to which you aspire. The second image should reflect a challenge you anticipate in your role as a teacher leader and how you might approach the challenge. (8 minutes)
2. Return to your design studio groups. Take turns articulating to your colleagues at your table why you chose the image you chose. (10 minutes)
3. Generate a 3-2-1 action plan that consists of: 1) Three goals you want to achieve by the end of the SNA school year; 2) Who are two people you will collaborate with to achieve those goals?; and 3) What is the first realistic step you will take to address this plan? (15 minutes)
4. Write your plan on a piece of paper and sign your name. Give your page to an NLI Facilitator. We will upload a photo of everyone's 3-2-1 plans to this wiki!