NLI 2016 Parking Lot

The NLI team wants to make the most of our Professional Development (PD) time, so we want to hear from you. If something comes up during PD that needs further clarification and/or is unrelated to the focus, put it in the PARKING LOT to be addressed by the NLI team later. Your posts to the Parking Lot can be anonymous or not. It's up to you! For the NLI 2016, we will be using a physical Parking Lot space with participants posts' being written on sticky notes. However, Parking Lots can be digital or physical spaces where comments, questions, and requests are honored, but also put to the side so that PD time is sacred to the task at hand. Parking Lots can also be used in your classroom as a formative assessment and student feedback tool. To learn more about using Parking Lots in your classroom, check out this article from Competency Works.

The NLI team will be compiling our responses and encouraging further discussion to Parking Lot posts on the Padlet featured below.