NLI Outcome:
Create Shared Vision for School Community and Blended Cultures
Design & Internalize SNA Organizational Structures & Routines
Understand & Customize Curriculum, Pedagogies, & Instructional Technologies

  1. Obtain parent signatures on Consent form.
  2. Complete SurveyMonkey survey:
  3. Focus group protocol.

Ted Videos

At SNA in August we need to:--Continue footage for the documentary--Interview Mr. Zue and Alison Schleedy for the documentary--Get footage from the parents focus group--Video Mr. Wang (1 minute) for an introduction about the new school that we can use at the China Summit on September 1.--3 minute video on the NLI (what teachers learned at the NLI)--Hiller video for School Opening

NC Summit on US China/Education - September 1, 2016--We need to show your documentary at the Summit--whatever you have completed by that date.--We need a 3 minute highlight video of the Summit. You can interview people about what they are learning.

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